Welcome To My Joyous World

There are so many joys in life that come in many different forms. 

Since I live so far away from most of my family and friends, I have decided (as suggested) to start a blog to keep everyone up to date on our family, and to share the joys that come our way.

First, allow me to introduce you to the joys of my life, my family.

My husband of 18 years, my 11 year old twins and me.

My husband is a hardworker, a terrific father & husband, likes to clown around, and his beautiful brown eyes still make my heart melt.  🙂

 My daughter enjoys ballet, tap, and jazz, loves animals, plays fiddle, and acts as everyones self-appointed  boss  activities director.


 My son is a young theologian, (I’m not kidding, at age four he gave a theological explanation of the Book of Joel – and he nailed it.) he plays guitar, and enjoys aggrivating his sister as a hobby.

Max (really a girl), my faithful and constant shadow, who is continually hopeful that crumbs of food get dropped on the floor.

 Butterscotch, my Mother’s Day gift.  His joys in life are eating, sleeping, and chasing the dog’s tail.

  and Tickles … he’s just here for the food.

 Welcome to my joyous world!


6 thoughts on “Welcome To My Joyous World

  1. Looking forward to your blog but when will you have time? Ii have a hard time keeping up with mine but I really love being able to keep in touch with family.

  2. Hey, way to go! Why does all the boys look like Dean! I have one that looks like him too. As as a matter of fact that is what I accidentally call him all the time.

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