For as long as I can remember, I wanted to have twins.

Infact, when I was twelve I told my mother that I was going to have twins when I grew up. I also had it planned that I would have two girls and name them Clarissa and Cassandra.  One out of three isn’t bad, right?

It has been a joy to have twins. They are fun to raise.

But raising twins does have it’s challenges.


For instance, twins – at a very early age – come up with their own language to communicate with each other, and NO ONE else is invited into their conversation or little world. The bright side is they can entertain each other for hours.


They share many things…


like birthdays,

baby dolls and motorcycles,


school plays, friends, and of course,



But there are several things that my twins do not share.

Can you guess what they are?


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