My friend. I really did think she was dead!

I met my friend at Camp Sharon.  It was about 23 years ago.


She had the priviledge of being in my mom’s cabin.  My mom is probably the only camp counselor that gave devotions from the cabin rafters.


Not only did we go to camp together, we also went on choir tour together.

This picture was taken on choir tour at the Precious Moments Chapel. My friend was taking the picture.  I couldn’t find the one of us together.  We also share a love of Precious Moments.


We were gong to go to college together.  She was already at college, and hubby and I were moving to OKC that fall, but when we moved there, she was nowhere to be found.  A mutual friend told me that when she had gone home to visit her parents, she came up missing. From what he said, her car and her purse were found in a grocery store parking lot, but she was gone. Neither one of us had heard from her since.  I assumed the inevitable and the worst… she had been abducted and murdered.  For years I mourned my loss.  I would see someone who looked like her and wondered what horrible death she had suffered.

Imagine my surprise 16 years later when I receive a friend request on Facebook from….


I don’t remember my exact response, but I’m pretty sure I went running through the house proclaiming, “She’s not dead!” 

Saturday, we were able to get together, go shopping, and relax at her house for a short time.

We still have many things in common. (No, we didn’t plan to wear almost the exact same shirt. Great minds just think alike 🙂 )

We both married good-looking, supportive men.

We both have two children; one girl and one boy,


And oddly enough, we both have Fibromyalgia.

I have learned a few things from this whole experience.

1. Never believe everything someone tells you.

2. Never assume and expect the worst.

3. Never lose your friend’s home address and phone number.


I enjoyed our short time together. It was great to catch up. And thanks to Facebook, we will be able to keep in touch.

Love ya, my good friend!


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