Whining – I mean Winter is coming

As a parent, I dread winter. No longer can you just run out the door. First you must convince your own feet and body that extra protection is needed, then you must convince your children. In my case, it is my daughter who needs the most convincing. The girl would live in shorts and crocs all year if I would let her.

I have a rule. No shorts unless it is above 70 degrees outside. My daughter tries to push that rule to –  if it might get up close to 70 degrees outside, then she should be able to wear shorts. And you should hear the not-so-convincing arguments to wear crocs in snow. The poor dear hates (and no, this isn’t too harsh a word here) socks and tennis shoes. She could go through 7 pairs of socks, taking 30 minutes trying to find a pair that ‘feel’ right, almost in tears the whole time. Although I usually don’t put up with it, my feet are secretly cheering her on – she comes by it honest.

Sometimes, while enforcing one rule, the other one slips by.

Last weekend was one of those times.


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