Occasionally, my boss/pastor will copy little sayings and put them (amongst many other things) on my desk at the office.

Last week he gave me one that came at just the right time…






Wednesday evening we were discussing prayer and the three answers that God gives: yes, no, and wait. I made the comment that I am on the waiting list and he reminded me of  PUSH.

I love to pray. I love knowing that I can tell God anything, share the desires of my heart, and know that He only wants what is good for me. I don’t know what I would do without direct and constant communication with my Heavenly Father. But occasionally, I like to tell God how I think things need to be done, or what needs to happen and when. I get impatient being on the “waiting list.” Fortunately, experience has taught me that this is not a good plan.  I always mess things up when I take things out of his hands and move forward at the pace I want to go.

So, as my family, I am asking you to PUSH with me while we are waiting for God to answer on several things.

My top prayers right now…

and the future possibility of

Will you pray with me?


7 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. I love to read your blog Annie.

    Please know, as always, you and God’s will for you and your family are in our prayers.

    We love you!

  2. Andi, I always pray for you even though if it comes to pass you will be physically gone from here but my thoughts are always with you and as long as we have pen and ink or the wonderful internet we will always be in contact and you will always be in my heart.


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