Laundry Soap and other misc. updates

Before I give my updates,

I want to ask you all to PLEASE PRAY for Humphries Munai, a former student of Mid-America Christian University. He is in Haiti on business. Although one of his co-workers reportedly saw him after the quake, his wife has been unable to reach him/has not heard from him, and CNN has him listed as missing.  He is the publisher of Hometown Magazine, the magazine that residents of Moore/Norman get in the mail.

Please also keep all those in Haiti in prayer.

Word from Church of God Ministries is that our missionaries are safe, the orphans at the House of Blessing are safe, although the orphanage did sustain damage, the hospital on the Church of God compound sustained some damage as well, but there were no injuries or loss of life. However, many of the doctors who serve at the hospital were in Port- au-Prince during the quake and are unaccounted for.

***UPDATE***   Humphreys talked to his wife last night. He is alive and well. He will be trying to get a flight to the US today. He told her that “God saved me from the jaws of death” Praise the Lord!

Now, on to much less important news…

For those of you who were curious as to whether the homemade laundry soap works, the verdict is in.

It works! 

I haven’t had a problem with my whites becoming dingy.  The only problem I had was when our furnace was out – the laundry soap turned to slush.

The laundry stain-treat I made has worked wonderfully.  It was able to get out a stain in one of my decorative hand towels that I had given up on.

Our cantankerous furnace….

Is still working.

We did have quite a few frozen pipes, but only one burst – and it was to the outside spigot. Quite a blessing. Now that the weather has warmed up a little, we are going back to just the gas fireplace – hoping to eek out a little more time on our furnace.

My daughter…


is now officially taller than I. (unlike the above picture) Fortunately, her feet have matched her height in growth, and is now 2 sizes larger in shoes than I, leaving me, once again, to have my shoes to myself 😀 .  Being 5′  61/2″ and wearing a size 10 shoe at age 11 is just not right.  (where did my baby go???) Wondering how tall she will be at 16.

My son has a new hobby….


My daughter now “hires” him as her gardener (water her plants 🙂 ). They are hilarious.

My van…

still dead, but Tim is going to try to work on it this weekend.

And last, but not least, I have started watching a 7-year-old little boy in the mornings. He comes between 4:30-5:00 a.m. and I take him to school at 7:45.  On days that there is no school and I do not work, I have him all day.  Next Monday will be one of those days. 

I pray that everyone is having a great week.


5 thoughts on “Laundry Soap and other misc. updates

    1. Heavy Duty Washing Powder:

      1 bar Fels-Naptha, grated

      1 bar homemade soap, grated (again, I used Ivory)

      2 cups borax

      2 cups washing soda

      Mix together and store in a plastic container. Use about 2 TBSP per wash load.

  1. I just might try t hat! What does it cost to make it??? Not that I’ve ever been frugal in that area.

    It’s just wrong Shan is taller than you!

    1. I bought the ingredients to make both the detergent and the stain treatment for under $10. This should last me about 2-3 years.
      I still buy a good quality fabric softener, though. But with saving so much on laundry detergent, I don’t mind spending the extra on a good brand.

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