A night at the movies … with the youth

Rarely do I ever go to a theater to see a movie.  I think the last time Tim and I went to a movie was when the kids were two years old and we had received movie tickets as a Christmas gift.  We saw Toy Story.

To me, for the most part it’s a waste of money.  However, that’s just my frugal opinion.

But last night was not a waste of money!

Last night, our youth went to see the movie, To Save A Life, and I was blessed to go as well.

I brought three of our youth and the rest of the group arrived a little later.

It was a great movie!  I would recommend it for all youth.  I wouldn’t recommend it for younger children, though.

The movie was about a young man whose childhood best friend came into the school and shot himself in the head in front of him, and his  journey after that to find the meaning of it, finding God through it, and turning his life around from a life of drinking, parties, and all that goes along with it.

I appreciate that the movie dealt honestly with some issues that teens are facing today – not sugar-coating (however, not inclusive of all issues), and that it showed the reality that once you turn your life over to God, it doesn’t mean that all of your problems go away or that life becomes perfect. It showed that problems and trials still exist, but God will walk us through it and show us the direction and path to travel.  I’ll not tell you the end. You need to see it for yourself.

If you have teens in your life, I recommend you take them. If you don’t, but are wondering what teens are facing everyday of their lives – please go, but again (and I know I’m very conservative on what children see) please do not take your young children.

I also won’t discuss why there is an empty bucket of popcorn needed refilled before the movie began,

or why there was a huge pile of greasy popcorn on the theater floor.

We arrived early, and were fortunate enough to get the back row.

When I left the house to go to the movie, I really didn’t need a coat.

By the time the movie was out, it was cold outside.  One of the youth was kind enough to lend me his jacket until we got to the truck.

But he thought I looked hilarious in camo.

After a few ‘break checks’ to find out who was wearing their seat belts (and stopping mid-traffic until they put them back on) I was able to safely deliver the fun bunch to their homes.

It was a great evening.


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