Homeschool excitement

This past week has had its ups and downs, not just with homeschooling, but with everything in general.

We didn’t do much homeschooling because my son has been sick. (I would say that I am too, but I’m still in the denial stage 😛 ) However, I did count watching Mythbusters as science 😀  And am I the only HS mom that has their kids watch Glenn Beck as part of their government and history curriculum? Don’ worry, for all of you who may be concerned that my children are just watching t.v. and not getting a “real” education – they do more than watch t.v. (see previous posts)

On the upside, I am excited because I just registered for the St. Louis Homeschool Expo.  I have not been to a homeschool convention before, and am very excited to go. They also have a program for the kids – so my kids will be surrounded by hundreds of other homeschooled kids, having a good time, learning art together, and on one of the nights the kids will be involved in a variety show. Even though St. Louis is just 80 miles away, I made reservations at a hotel so we can stay up there the whole time. I’m very excited that one of the conferences will be on  educating gifted children. Wooooo hoooo! I could really use help in that area.

I am also excited because we now have another family in our church that has started to homeschool. Yay! I now have someone who I can talk to at church that doesn’t question our educational choices. They will be at the convention, as well. I’m soooo excited. Can you tell?


In other news…

Shan has now joined the ranks of those who need glasses.  While she hasn’t quite made it to the “Blind as a Bat” club where Joel and I have enjoyed a long time membership, she is very excited to get her spectacles and start seeing better. Or maybe she’s just excited because she gets to wear cool looking glasses. I was thrilled to find an on-line optical where I could order glasses at a much lower cost.  I ordered each of us 3 pair. Two regular pair and a pair of prescription sunglasses – all 9 for less than what I usually spend on just one pair for myself.  We should get them later this week or early next week. We will have a fashion show for you once they come in.

I think our furnace finally “gave up the ghost.”  It does makes a great air conditioner on those nice freezing days when one isn’t needed.  I’m still very thankful for our fireplace. We are back to camping out in the living room at night. Ahhh, family togetherness 😉

As much as I love family togetherness, I do think I will be calling and getting quotes on a new furnace.


4 thoughts on “Homeschool excitement

  1. Would you share your online glasses source?…

    We all could use some help cutting costs…

    Am eager to hear how the new glasses work out for you…

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