Children, Tornadoes, and Pyschologically Challenged Animals

YAY!!!! The paper is done and turned in!  Just in case you were wondering, I wrote on Eternal Punishment or Annihilationism. I will start my next class, Synoptic Gospels, on Monday –  and compared to this class it should be a cake walk. (I hope 😀 )


Back to last weekend.

Friday morning Joel & Tim both tried to get the mower started, but to no avail.  It’s dead.  We were trying to get the rest of the lawn mowed before the storms rolled in, but it ended up that the mower we wanted to buy was out of stock and we had to wait until Monday to purchase it. 

The storms that were coming into our area were forecasted to be pretty severe. In fact the Weather Channel was predicting that we had a 60% chance of having a tornado.  The kids were thrilled!

Why, you might ask? 

Because their aspiration in life right now is to become storm chasers. They LOVE tornadoes! (My daughter wishes me to interject here that she does NOT, however,  like it when the electric goes out) I’m not sure where they got their love for funnel clouds… it certainly isn’t from me.

Before the storms came, Tim went to work and the kids went to Grandma’s to spend the night. So I was home alone – which is sometimes a nice thing. 

Well, let me take that back. I wasn’t alone. You see, I’ve realized I don’t  run a normal household (stop laughing my dear sister, I can hear you all the way from here 😛 ), I’ve discovered I’m really running a shelter for psychologically challenged pets. My poor dog is afraid of EVERYTHING… loud noises, leaves,  her water bowl, her own shadow, etc. It’s actually quite entertaining to watch her jump away from her water bowl.  Tickles, our black cat, was taken away from his mother too early, and now as an adult cat still tries to nurse on every blanket he sees. When you put a nursing cat and a frightened dog together, life gets interesting.

Enter tornado sirens. 

We had already gone through one round of sirens, but the storm was way to our north, so I didn’t pay it much mind. By the time the second round came through, I was laying on the couch, curled up with my blanket watching the weather. Tickles’ ‘blanket radar’ had gone off and he was laying on my tummy trying to nurse.

The tornado sirens were once again going off, and there was a report of a possible rain-wrapped tornado. As I was going over in my mind the safest place to go, (and for the record, there is no safe place in our house), a loud clap of thunder sounded and my frightened 30-pound dog landed on my head. I was finally able to get frightened dog and nursing cat off of me, and ran to get pillows, blankets, and other needed supplies and head for our walk-in closet. The landing dog must have dazed my brain because instead of grabbing my cell phone and a flash-light, I grabbed the cordless phone and the remote control. For the record, both of those were useless after the electric went out. So I sat in the dark on the floor of my closet with frightened dog shaking on my lap and nursing cat at my side (sorry hamsters, you were on your own) for about 45 minutes waiting for the tornado sirens to go off, realizing that the only possibility of my safety was my husband’s thirty-some work shirts that would either fall on me and protect me from flying debris, or smother me to death.

The storm finally abated, and my psychologically challenged pets and I came out of our hidy-hole. Fortunately we sustained no damage, but our sister church 12 miles south of us had a tree fall on the church and the parsonage. Fortunately the damage is not severe, and they should be able to have services again by next Sunday.


5 thoughts on “Children, Tornadoes, and Pyschologically Challenged Animals

      1. No. She is still in heat, so I am praying that, that means that she isn’t going to be a mommy..ever.

        Could you imagine ‘petrified dog’ in labor???

  1. Annie the picture I had in my mind from your story had me laughing!

    Still praying for you, Tim and the church. It is so interesting watching and waiting for God to work!

    Love you,

  2. I thought we were the only ones with a mentally challenged pet. Tommy(our cat) is on mind altering drugs. They do help,thank goodness. Well,good luck in your next class.

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