July 12

This morning Tim and my MIL took the next group of kids to camp.

Joel & Shannon went along for the ride. So, I have had the day all to myself 😉 . I would love to say that I have spent it being really productive, but if I did lightning would strike down from heaven. 

Well, I guess I’ve kind of being productive…  I went out to the church and got all of the paperwork, money and information ready for Tim to take the kids to camp, went to the grocery store, and mailed out a package to my parents.  At least I haven’t been a total lazy bum. 🙂

This kids going to camp this week are in for a special surprise.  I don’t know how they managed it, but all of the Junior 1 campers are going to be getting a ride in a hot air balloon.

I was finally able to snag a few pictures of Shan’s competition off of Facebook.

Special thanks to the dedicated dance mom who made sure the batteries in her camera were not dead and allowed me to snag them.


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