Thursdays are always interesting days in my life.

I usually leave for the office before the rest of the household (pets not included, because of course they are demanding to be fed usually before 5:00 a.m.) have opened their eyeballs and noticed that the sun is actually up and shining.  Since Tim works nights, I let the kids sleep as long as possible so he can get as much sleep as possible.

Once at the office, anything can happen on Thursdays. My other day at work, Tuesdays, are pretty routine and predictable.  Not so with Thursdays, and this Thursday anything that could happen did happen! So much happened that I did not get my work done and will be working on Saturday. I will, however, not bore you with the details. Let’s just say yesterday was a real adventure and leave it at that. 😉

Thursdays also usually bring a visitor to the office…

I am homeschooling one of our youth over the summer.  In the state of Missouri, I am able to homeschool five additional children that are not my own legal dependants. I am teaching him American History, Personal Finance, handwriting, and Bible as Literature – which is my favorite because not only are we able to study the different literary styles of the Bible, but we are also able to delve into spiritual truths. Right now we are in the book of John, but yesterday we also read 1 & 2 Timothy. 

Here is a challenge for you… Read all of the gospels and notice the different styles of writing.  John has a unique style of writing that is different from the synoptic gospels and is especially seen in the first chapter.  Why do you think John’s style of writing is different?  What differences do you notice?  And how does his style of writing affect your understanding of his gospel?  (Okay, I’ll take off my ‘teacher hat’ now 🙂 )

My student usually comes over to the house after I get off work so we can finish anything that did not get completed.

Once he leaves, we become total party animals…

What with all the knitting and yarn flying, I just don’t know how much more excitement I can take 😀 !

I still haven’t learned how to cast-on.  Shan has tried to teach me…  sigh…

Seriously, though, I love Thursday evenings. There is nothing scheduled, no place I need to be, and I can let my hair down (oh, wait, I have short hair), throw on my jammies (one of the best articles of clothing ever invented), and become a ‘party animal’ (which usually means I fall asleep between 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.) along with my children.

Gotta love it!


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