My daughter’s hair

Since ‘dance season’ is over, I decided to take Shan to get her hair cut.  I fully intended to have it cut to at least shoulder length, if not shorter, so it would be cooler and easier for her to manage.

However, my hairstylist saw her hair and completely vetoed my idea, assuring me that I would be amazed at her hair.

She was right.

I had no idea my daughter had so much natural curl in her hair.

That curl is all hers, folks.  I was shocked.


3 thoughts on “My daughter’s hair

    1. Actually, it was already layered. She just straightened it up a little – basically did a better job. I had taken her beforehand to Great Clips – the girl there did okay, but I’ve never been completely satisfied with the job they do, I just go there because it’s inexpensive and I don’t trust myself cutting her hair. The woman we go to now is someone who has just started attending our church recently, and she does a great job.

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