Zoo Animals

On Monday, we went to the St. Louis Zoo.  Unfortunately, the batteries in the camera decided that they had given their all after just several pictures.  I think it’s time to throw them away and purchase some new rechargeables.

However, Joel did get pictures of some of the animals Mr. Pet Store Guy tried to convince me would make excellent house pets.

Most of them are located in the Herpetarium (reptile house – the fact that they are reptiles alone take them off the household pet list)

Now, why would anyone think that a cold-blooded reptile, whose jaws could rip you apart, would make a good house pet?

Seriously! They are at a zoo, behind bars for protection (ours and theirs) for a good reason.

Fortunately, my children have the good sense to see that an alligator would not make a good pet. (Not that they have a choice in the matter.)

The other “pet” that Mr. Pet Store Guy thought we should give considerable thought was a snake.

I think this particular snake is a type of viper.

The type of snake my kids had on their Christmas list for several years (it’s probably still secretly on the list 😀 ) is a ‘non-venomous python’. They always stressed the ‘non-venomous’ part.  I would stress to them the ‘constrictor’ part.

Again, these snakes are at the zoo behind thick glass for a reason.  They do not belong in people’s houses where they can do harm. (Yes, I am aware that other’s may have opposing opinions)

Now, the kids have had smaller versions of these.

But they have always been kept outside at Grandma’s house, to be released into the wild after a short while of enjoying their company.

Sorry, Mr. Pet Store Guy, but I am unable to see how zoo animals can double as good house pets.

I will admit, however, that they are fascinating.


2 thoughts on “Zoo Animals

    1. A trade for what? A snake? No way!!!
      He did take all of the baby hamsters – I probably could have sold them, but I just wanted all of the babies gone.

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