And speaking of memories…

Saturday, one of the youth of our church came over to help me organize all of my photos.  I have many.

We didn’t get them all organized – I think it had something to do with another one of the youth coming over, mentioning that he had coupons for free McDonald’s fruit smoothies, and me playing taxi driver so they could go get one.  We are planning to finish on Wednesday.

At any rate, I thought some of you might enjoy a few of the pictures I came across while we were organizing. See if they take you down memory lane…

Sister, my daughter really favors you.  1975

She scrunches her nose up just like you. 😀   Easter Egg Hunt 2001

This was taken (against my will, I’m sure) on New Years Day 1987.

Grandma on washday 1987.

Wow, Tim had a lot of hair in this picture.  😀  1988

I love this picture of Grandma and Grandpa. (I don’t have the year on this one. Would anyone have the approximate year?)

The baby in this picture is my recently married nephew. 1990

My nephew 17 years later – Thanksgiving of 2007.

Galveston 2004 or 2005

Will I get shot for this one???   July 4th 2007 at Uncle Jimmy’s house.

My how time has flown!  Myrtle Beach 1999.


4 thoughts on “And speaking of memories…

  1. Oh. my how time has flown.

    Those pictures of Grandma and Grandpa….I could just cry.

    That was taken before they moved out of their house, and before Dean was born…I think.

    1. I knew it was taken before they moved out of their house. I’m going to guess mid- 80’s. I was just looking for a more specific date.

  2. Are we just so cute in that pic of the fab four ? Love all the pictures. I have some doozy’s of you guys too !! Precious memories.

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