Birthday Party!

Last Thursday morning afternoon the five of us (our dog, Max, came along.) took off to Ohio for my dad’s surprise 60th Birthday Party.

Now, when my mama throws birthday parties, she doesn’t just have cake and ice cream – she has productions.  And this party was no different.

There were many special guest performances at this party…

Toby Keith was there, singing Should’ve Been a Cowboy

Sonny & Cher also made an appearance,

Along with the Beach Boys. (Are they really that young???)

We had tried to get the Blackwood Brothers to come, but one of them had an important engagement, so the Blackwood Sisters stepped up to the piano.

Keeping all of the performances in line was my precious aunt.

However, she was unable to keep some of the performers in line.

Along with the entertainment, there was much laughter,

and sharing of memories.

When all was said, sang, and done, no one could deny what I’ve always known…

My dad is a pretty special guy!


4 thoughts on “Birthday Party!

  1. You summed it up well with the last picture and comment. I had a great time. Thanks for sharing the pics. Love you.

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