Amish Country

The day after our trip to Roscoe and Longaberger, Tim and I decided to go to Amish country.  The kids stated that they would prefer to play with their friend

so once again, Tim and I had the day to ourselves.

It rained lightly all day, which was actually rather peaceful.

On our way through Sugarcreek, I saw the most interesting sign…

I’ve never seen a bridge for sale. Made me wonder who actually owns the bridge.

But apparently, some of the bridge has already been taken…

After sampling Cheese at Heini’s Cheese in Sugarcreek (they have goat cheese and yogurt cheese, so I was able to enjoy as well. Yay!) we stopped by one of my favorite stores, Walnut Creek Cheese. This store has some of the foods I am able to eat at a really good price. For instance, buckwheat flour is only $1 per pound at WCC, but if I wish to buy it at home, I have to pay $5.00 for 14 ounces.  I usually stock up when we go.

Then we went into Berlin and to my most favorite store there,

Berlin Bulk Foods.  This is an Amish ran bulk food store. There are no thrills or fuss, just plain shelves and bulk foods at great prices. I have always enjoyed going in and seeing the older Amish woman who seems to be in charge of running the shop, but unfortunately she was not at the store the day we went. Maybe she retired.

We walked up and down the streets of Berlin, stopping at places that were of interest. 

And this lace shop was of definite interest – well, at least to me.  Tim was a good sport and came in with me.

Not only did this shop have lace, they also had a huge room full of tea pots and accessories. Being a country girl at heart, I always feel conflicted when I go into shops like these. How can a country girl love all things Victorian?  Somehow I’m not sure that living life barefoot goes together with high tea.  Do I have a split personality, or am I simply bringing together the best of both worlds? 😀


3 thoughts on “Amish Country

  1. We must all share the same gene. I am that way too. I love beautiful teapots and cups, but am a country girl at heart.

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