Life Lessons Learned (the hard way, of course…)

Remember how I just told you that I have much to share by way of pictures?

Well, I forgot about something, and I was wrong. I did, at one point, have many pictures to share with you, but I have just recently learned (I could say re-re-learned) one of life’s lessons the hard way.

“Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

… It was a Friday evening. I had just sunk into the couch after a long week of teaching and unpacking. My feet were thanking me for getting off of them, and my body had totally relaxed when I heard…

Joel: “Mom, I need to somehow download these pictures to get them off my memory card so I can try out my new camera tomorrow at the rendezvous.”

(We were going to the Grand Duke Alexis rendezvous as a family the following day. Joel had saved up his money for a new camera after his had been dropped and broken at a previous family outing.) 

Me: “Sweetie, you can download them into the laptop.”

Joel: “I’m not sure I know how on the laptop, could you do it for me?”

Me: (after much mental debate, and a little niggling feeling in the back of my mind that I should go ahead and do this, my totally relaxed state won out and I decided…) “Sure honey, but I’m going to wait until the morning when I’m more awake.”

Joel: “Are you sure you have to wait until morning?”

Me: “Yes, Joel, I’m sure.”

Joel: (sighing) “Okay.”

The next morning he had put the memory card into his new camera and was playing around with it taking more pictures. Then catastrophe struck.

Joel: “Mom, it says that there is no file of pictures on the memory card, but then it says that the card is full.”

Me: “Go put it in the big camera and see what happens.”

Joel: “It’s letting me take pictures but it also says there is no file.”

Me: “Okay, let me put it in the laptop and see if I can figure out what is going on.”

Me: “Oh, no. All of the pictures are gone, Joel. There are no pictures at all on this memory card.”

Joel then proceeded to tell me what pics he had on the card, and I started remembering what I still had on the memory card… everything I was going to share.

As it turns out, the camera he had just purchase was faulty, and he had to return it for a different one. The camera had indeed erased all of our pictures, never to be seen again.

Had I just gotten my lazy backside off the couch and downloaded those pictures the night before, we would both have much to share on our blogs. I’m sorry, Joel.

Fortunately, Joel was able to quickly get another camera, and he had it on hand to take pictures at the rendezvous. I will be sharing those, hopefully soon.



2 thoughts on “Life Lessons Learned (the hard way, of course…)

  1. So sorry. I was looking forward to pictures. Do you have a phone yet? Or do they have phones way out there ? lol Send your e-mail address and your physical address when you get a chance. Hope all is going well. Love and miss you, Aunt Cindy

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