The Van Saga Continues….

For those of you who remember, my van can, on occasion  😛 , have issues. Typically, it’s the transmission, however that hasn’t given me problems for about 3 months. We did decide, since it was on its best behavior, to go ahead and bring it out to Nebraska so we would have two vehicles here.

Well, the battery that we replaced much earlier this year has just decided that it only had a life-cycle of about 7 months. I am thankful, however that it was the battery and not the aultinator, as I had originally suspected.

But just as I was considering taking it on a long run to see how it would do, I received yet another recall notice about my van. Seems that there is a defect in the rear axle, and if I live in a place where it snows and salt or chemicals are used on the roads, my rear axle could fracture or break and cause an accident. I need to immediately take it to the nearest authorized Ford Dealership and have it check out. If there is not a fracture in it already, they will do something to reinforce the axle (but may not have the parts to do so until late this year). If the axle is already compromised, they will either give me a rental car until the parts for the axle come in (April of 2011), or they will repurchase the vehicle from me. (which is my personal vote as long as they give me the actual value for it – however, I don’t have any say in the matter.)

I figure while they are checking on the axle problem, I will have them run it for any other recalls. I’m fairly certain we didn’t have the one recall about it catching on fire at will – even in a parked and off position, checked out because we received that recall when the transmission was totally down.


6 thoughts on “The Van Saga Continues….

  1. If it isn’t one thing it’s another. How are you my sweet? Is everyone adjusting to Nebraska? Are you all feeling okay? Are you on line yet? I am just full of questions. Love you all. Aunt Cindy

    1. We are adjusting well. Both Tim and I have had a run-in with some kind of virus, but are doing better. We aren’t online yet – our computer is still under the weather.
      I love you too!!!!

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