Washing Machines

I love them!  But sometimes they don’t love me…    😦

A little over a month ago, our washing machine took out on us. We discovered that by the huge lake in the middle of the laundry room floor.

“No, problem.” I thought, “I’ll just take our clothes to the laundry mat.” So I took them all the way in to McCook (finding out a few weeks later that there is one at the town in which we live) and in just a few hours (and after being rescued by dear hubby because I locked the keys in his truck – oops) we had clean clothes. Unfortunately, the cost of doing clothing at a laundry mat has sky rocketed since I have last used one.  I did the math and figured that if I saved up the amount of money that I would be spending at the laundry mat for a few months, I could buy myself a new washer. So, I decided that I would start hand washing our clothes. I figured if Grandma could do it, so could I.

Besides, I could use the extra time on my knees.

I also could have used a hand crank wringer and a scrub board.

For two weeks I built up muscles that probably hadn’t been used in a while, and got some extra praying time in… and got clean clothes to boot. 😉

Then our church secretary found out and offered her washing machine, and let me know that our Board Chairman would be over that evening with the one that had previously been in the parsonage. So, bless his heart, he delivered and helped set up the washer that evening. Unfortunately, the proportioning valve was not working on that washer and we once again had a lake in our laundry room.

The next day, I went to the church secretary’s home and washed several loads. While the last load was washing, I noticed water running from underneath the washer. (see a pattern here???)  I wanted to cry.

I figured out how to work around the proportioning valve, and was able to use the old washer for a few days. I was so thankful!

Then, last Saturday, Tim and I went to an auction. They had a washer there to bid on, and fortunately for me, no one else wanted it. I got it for $10.   Yippee! 

It works beautifully. So far, there have been no more laundry room lakes.

Thank you Mrs. Church Secretary for allowing me to take over your house for a day and get my clothes clean. And thank you Mr. Board Chairman for lugging the washing machine over to our house and helping set it up – and for the entertainment that gave :D.  We will bring it back to your house soon.

And thank you, Lord, for letting us find a good washer at such a wonderful price!


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