Pictures coming… soon I hope.

Okay. I have pictures of both the basketball tourney and the snow that God has recently blessed us with.  I will try to upload them and get them posted soon.  We are having a bit of trouble with internet and my laptop.  For some reason I keep getting knocked offline and when I try to figure it out, the computer says something about an extra firewall???   Because I am mostly computer illiterate, and my computer wiz cousin-in-law lives over a thousand miles away, it may be a few days before I get this straightened out (Sister – the internet savvy neighbor was busy snowblowing our sidewalk, so I didn’t dare ask him to come in and figure out the problem. Will wait until snow stops drifting. 🙂 ).

What is strange about the whole deal, is that a few hours later I may be able to get back online, but I never really know for how long.

Okay, enough of my complaining.   I’m going now to help my dear daughter with a “science project” (no, they did not get a snow day today) and then I will try to upload my pictures.


5 thoughts on “Pictures coming… soon I hope.

    1. I think it has more to do with the internet service, actually. The guy that hooked us up (our neighbor who works for the internet company) said that we might have a few problems because they are changing some things with their service. So hopefully it will be fixed soon.
      Right now it’s in the negitive numbers temperature wise, so you may want to leave. 😀

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