Basketball Tournaments

Okay, okay… I’m finally getting around to posting pictures of the tournament from a few weeks ago.

Only Shannon had games that week.  Joel has a game this Saturday in Lincoln, and the following Saturday north of Kearney (for a person that doesn’t like to travel anymore, I sure do a bunch of it! :D)

This tournament was two days.  Shan played in 6 games, two Junior High, and 4 Highschool.

This was a Junior High game. (note: the date stamp on the camera is incorrect)

I would love to tell you that I took many pictures of the highschool games, and I did – but they were on my cell phone.  I sent them to my mother and hubby, who was unable to attend.

The next weekend we went to Central Nebraska, where the girls played 2 games. They were good, but some of the girls on the other teams were rough.  I had never seen so much blood on a basketball court in my life!  One of the girls (she’s very tiny for her age) was completely flipped in the air, and another girl had both knees bandaged, and ended up with a possible broken elbow – and it was her birthday.  Fortunately, the ref stepped in and told the girls to settle down, and Shan escaped without injuries.  I didn’t bring the camera to those games.

I will take more pics of the games in Lincoln and Kearney – hopefully on these trips we will have time to do more than just go to the game and then head home.


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