13 Years Ago today…

I gave birth to my precious children. 

(I would love to show you better pictures, but this is the only one I have of them as babies on this computer.)

They were soooo tiny.   And so fragile.  And seven weeks early.

Mama, do you remember when the healthcare equipment rep told me in the hospital that if I took them off the apnea monitors for too long- not bothering to specify how long was too long – , they would come and take my children away?  That woman scared me to death! Thankfully, they didn’t have to go home with the monitors.

Now, 13 years later, I have healthy, fun, active teenagers.

(Pardon me while I wipe a few tears – I was trying to stay in denial that my babies are growing up, but since the facts are staring me in the face – actually the female fact has to look down on me to stare me in the face – I must face the truth)

My fun, active children have spent much time on the road (I think we’ve logged over 1800 miles in the last 5 weeks) playing basketball with the area homeschool team. 

Obviously, the girls have many more players than the boys.

They have two more games, and then they are off to the Homeschool Nationals in McPhearson, Kansas.

This is the first year they have ever played basketball, or actually known anything about the sport.  (I may have shared this information with you before, but since I am now the mother of teenagers and am getting old, I tend to be a bit forgetful 😀 )

I think they are doing a wonderful job at playing, and they are having a great time with all of their friends on their teams.

Happy Birthday Joel & Shannon!



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