Homeschool National Basketball Tournament

Last Wednesday we had the privilege of driving 6 hours to attend the Homeschool National Basketball Tournament in McPherson, Kansas.

Because you all have already seen a gazillion pictures of the kids playing basketball, I decided to share other parts of the adventure with you.

On the way to and from Nationals, we passed my mother-in-law’s FAVORITE landmark (yes, that was sarcasm) so I thought I would share because I know she would like another look. ( ūüėĬ† – love ya, Mom)

This is a wind farm just to the west of Salina, Kansas.¬† It stretches on for 14 miles.¬† There are¬†155 of these very large wind turbines.¬† I think it is a very awe-inspiring and¬†interesting sight…. others don’t necessarily share my opinion ūüėČ

There were 56 teams playing 6 different divisions at the nationals.  The Nationals were held at two separate colleges, to which we traveled back and forth daily, depending on who was playing where. Before the tournament, we combined teams with Broken Bow, so that we could have a high school girls team and a junior high boys team.  I enjoyed people watching at the games.  It amazes me sometimes at the many varied personalities, lifestyles, and interests that people have.  God was so very creative when he put us together.

The coaches of our teams (we had 3 Рhigh school girls, junior high girls, and junior high boys) were as different from each other as night from day. 

This one is a doctor (always handy to have around – especially with as often as some of our players get hurt.)

She has delivered most of the Broken Bow team.  Her husband is a rancher, and it was from her that I discovered what kind of beans I need to plant in my garden this year, and how to best stake my tomatoes to withstand the Nebraska winds.

And then we have the two coaches from our team.

The young man in black is our assistant coach.  He used to play on the basketball team when he was still in school. The woman to the right of the doctor is our head coach. She is a home school mom of four, three of whom play on our teams. 

After the games, we would head on back to our hotel rooms and the kids would all get together and play, while the adults would try to rest.

They had a good time playing and goofing off.

I sincerely wish that those people who are “concerned” about the “socialization” of homeschooled children could attend an event like this.¬† Trust me, there is nothing anti-social about any of these kids.¬† (I’ll save my “socialization issue” rant for another time ūüėČ )

After three days of nationals, and when all was said and done, our High School girls came in 2nd in their division, Junior High girls came in 3rd in their division, and junior high boys came in 7th in their division.

Great job McCook Chiefs and Broken Bow Chargers!

Next year we are officially combining both teams into one for the whole season.  This will be a good thing!


One thought on “Homeschool National Basketball Tournament

  1. I remember those windmills, I thought they looked graceful standing there. The scenery is not as bad as I had heard it would be, but, it did seem to go on and on and on ….

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