Garden seeds

Yesterday, I received my first batch of seeds for the garden.  I have actually ordered my gardening supplies and seeds from three separate suppliers.  Usually, I just go through Burpee, but this year I wanted to try a few other places.  And I wanted to do mostly heirlooms.

The seeds that came in yesterday are from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

They have some of the regular varieties of seeds, but they also have some really unusual ones.

From left to right   (starting from the top and not including the pink things to the side 🙂 )  I ordered: Orange Bell Peppers, Golden Marconi Peppers, Goldman’s Italian-American Tomatoes, Black from Tula Tomato, Laxton’s Progress #9 peas, Blue Lake 274 Bush Bean, Hssiao His Hung Shih Yellow Cherry Tomato, Cream Sausage Paste Tomato, Love-in-a-mist flowers (free gift – hope they grow here), New England Sugar Pie Pumpkin, Parisian Pickling Cucumber, and Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumber. (Gotta keep my daughter happy with plenty of pickles 😉 )

I had also ordered a packet of banana melon     

 but they sent these instead…

Pink bananas.

I called to let them know about the little mix up. They were so nice about it and promised the correct seed would immediately go out in the mail.  They told me to keep the bananas and try my hand at it.

Since these require at least zone 9 and do not like wind, and I live in Nebraska where gale force winds are a part of daily living and is a zone 5, I figured these wouldn’t work.  So I am sending them to a friend of mine in Southern California. Hopefully she will have great success.

Within the next few days I am expecting my order from Burpee and Jung Seed to arrive.  As soon as Burpee gets here, I can start all of my tomatoes and peppers. I can’t wait!

Now if only it wouldn’t snow anymore (in the forecast for today and tomorrow) and spring would hurry up and cooperate with me…


4 thoughts on “Garden seeds

    1. I think early in the morning. I love to go outside and work in the garden very early. I also have two children who enjoy gardening (well, I don’t think they like the weed pulling that much 😀 ) so I will have some help.

  1. I love gardening too. But I never have much luck at it due to the wonderful Ohio clay dirt. But it won’t stop me from trying every year. 🙂

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