Garden beginnings

So, all of my gardening supplies have come in, and it is now time to get to work on my seeds.  Actually, I should have done this about 3 weeks ago, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do, when ya have the stuff to do it.  (shhhhh, don’t let my kids know I used such horrible grammar 😉 )

This year I purchased a pot maker so I could make pots out of newspaper and save money on seed flats.

We had fun making these little pots, and the kids came up with some creative areas of newspaper to decorate their pots.

Like the potty pot from Joel…

And the flower pot from Shan…

There were other interesting pots as well.

We made quite a few of these seed starting pots,  filled them with seed starting mix, planted our seeds,

and placed them in disposable pans with lids to retain humidity.

I placed a dilapidated bookcase behind the couch and in front of our big south-facing picture window to hold the little seedlings.

I still have a few more to plant…

Mostly herbs.  I plan on finishing those this morning.  Now I just have to sit back and wait not-so patiently for those little green babies to appear.


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