Catching up

It has been a very busy past few weeks!  And I have a feeling that the next 3-4 months will not slow down, but I wanted to catch everyone one up on the tidbits of our life… 

 I took both of the kids to the eye doctor yesterday,  and Shan is now going to be wearing contacts. Joel cringes at the thought, so he is sticking with glasses. At the suggestion of some friends, I did get him transition lenses.  The doctor has assured me that the kids’ vision should be leveling off very soon – which is good for both.  Shan doesn’t have a very strong prescription, and Joel’s eyes are as bad as mine (poor kid).

Now that the kids only have a few weeks left of schooling, I finally figured out an organizational system that will work for all of us (where is that “eye rolling” smilie???) … I will post more on that later.

My seedlings are growing!

Some of the toms are looking a little leggy, but I’m hoping for the best. 🙂

Tim & the kids gave me a very pretty daisy…

And as today is Good Friday, I will be planting my seed potatoes.  I do this with a little trepidation because last year was the first year I had ever grown potatoes, and they didn’t do so well.  Actually, they did horrible!  I may also plant my peas and onions. 

Right now, I need to go eat breakfast, get dressed, and get up to the gas station to get fuel for my little tiller (thanks Daddy!) so I can till in the fertilizer before I start planting. I’m wondering how early of a morning is too early to start the tiller without being annoying to everyone…  🙂


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