What they didn’t consider…

Whomever made the rules about planting on Good Friday didn’t consider a few things:

1. My little tiller might just get sick on me and need to go to the tiller doctor.

2. Tilling in compost manually might take A LOT of time.

3. The Nebraska gale-force winds might blow constantly, making ear infections worse.

4. After lunch break, the operator of the manual tiller/garden claw  might just dislocate her knee and become laid-up for the rest of the day, preventing her from any further gardening work on Good Friday.

The day wasn’t a total bust.  While I was out in the garden with my garden claw, tilling away and cursing Adam for disobeying God and leaving the perfection of the Garden of Eden, God gave me a different direction for my sermon/devotion for Sunrise Service. 

And, truth be told, I kind of like using the garden claw anyway…


2 thoughts on “What they didn’t consider…

    1. I do love it! And honestly, I love digging in the dirt – even if it is by hand…. my body just gets a little put out with me when I do too much.

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