The Sequel

The second day of the Pastor’s Retreat I met a woman who gave my daughter some great advice on how to put in contacts.  It worked and my daughter was ever so thankful.

I went to her later on to thank her and found out that she, too, homeschools her kids. She said that her daughter looked so much like my daughter and wanted them to meet.  The unfortunate part of this is that they live 8 hours away from us.  However, at that time, we were only about an hour away from their house, so after the retreat we followed them to their house for our kids to meet (Shan and her daughter had already been texting for a day – it was quite cute.)

My new friend was correct. Her daughter and mine are much alike!

They live on a small farm where they have emu,

free-range turkey and chicken,



I was in heaven!  This is the type of place where I have always wanted to live.  It was so peaceful.

The kids all had a great time together.

And there is more good news!  Shan’s new friend will be joining us at NAC (Anderson Campmeeting).

Next year, they are planning to bring their children with them to the Pastor’s Retreat so our kids can all hang out together while we are in meetings.


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