More of the garden.

When last I spoke of the garden, I believe I mentioned that mr. tiller needed to go to the tiller doctor.  Well, he went and is now back home.  The prognosis is not good. It will take more $$ to fix him than it would to buy a new one.

So, it’s back to the garden claw…

(and yes, I realize I don’t qualifiy for the Fashionable Gardener award.)

But never fear, I’ve had help!

However, the help gets occasionally sidetracked…

In the past three days I have been able to plant potatoes, garlic, onions, and peas.

I think I planted about 50 peas.

I will plant the carrots, beans, and corn in a week or two.

My tomato and pepper plants are doing very well. In a week I will start setting them outside for a few hours a day.  I will probably either plant them right before I go on the cruise, or as soon as I get back.


7 thoughts on “More of the garden.

  1. Our garden is still a mud hole.When it dries out, I will teach Kirsten how to run the tiller. She loves to mow the grass….wants to learn the weed eater..and will let her change the oil and check the spark plugs in the car before we head south.Your garden looks nice…

    1. Thanks! It wouldn’t look this nice if it hadn’t been for your initial tilling. I am sooooo enjoying having a real garden this year.

  2. I am happy for you and am enjoying watching your garden progress.
    I used to live in a flannel shirt and blue jeans! 🙂

    1. The kids were teasing me because I was wearing it…. not because of the looks, but because I told them I was cold. I am cold quite often when they are hot.

  3. Can’t wait to see you!

    So wish I love to garden but I it is not my something I even like to do. You and your sister both inherited it. Your Gma & Gpa M enjoyed gardening and of course the McCarty and Teals. Does it help that I enjoy looking at a beautiful garden????

    1. Yes, you can enjoy a garden without enjoying gardening. I’m getting ready to go put a fence around the garden. Max seems to find enjoyment digging up my potatoes. 😦 So I am going to fence it, and then I will plant the rest of the garden this week.

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