My computer has been offline a few days, but…

I’ve still been busy.

Right now I am putting a fence around my garden to keep furry critters out of it. (hoping it works for the cats as well.)

As you can see, I still need to get the fence part up, but all of the posts are in place.  I still need to till in the final 3 feet of the garden.  However it has been cold and rainy here, and I find myself thankful that I have not yet planted the corn, beans, tomatoes, and peppers.  We have had several nights in the low 30’s.

I have also gotten our workbox system almost completely together. Workboxes typically look something like this:

and the idea is that you put one subject into each box, numbering the box in the order you want your student to complete the work.  This gives the student a sense of independent learning, feeling of accomplishment, and an idea of what still needs to be completed for the day.  It also helps in time management and organization (and lack of losing things. :D)

Since my kids are a bit older, and we don’t have much room, ours looks a bit different.

These cards are attached with velcro dots.  They can put these on the subjects that they need help with or need to work with me.

In this blue holder, I have a Turn In file, and a file with each of their names so I can return their work to them.  In the pockets in front is where they put their numbers when the subject is completed.

As you can tell, I still need to hang this on the wall.

This system is working out very well for us. I just wish I would have found out about it earlier.  It would have kept us more organized throughout the year.


7 thoughts on “My computer has been offline a few days, but…

  1. What a wonderful idea. I wonder if Jarrod would like to go through school again so I could try With all the rain we have had I think we are all considering Hydroponic growing.

  2. We have a Mantis electric tiller…. extremely pleased with it’s performance… it does an amazing job regardless of it’s size and we have used many “big gas tillers” in the past and this one is quite powerful and very dependable and quiet since it’s electric… Highly recommend it… here is a link… they are available at sears, too… or find one locally to try….

    Do you have a price range for getting a new tiller??/

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