The Cruise: Day 1

I made it back home last night – late, and truly there is no place like home. I am glad to be back.

I had such a wonderful time on the cruise!

I decided that I would share each day of the cruise with you, one day at a time.  I would love to share all of the pictures I have, but I doubt that there is enough space, and you may get bored with the pictures, so I will share some fun and special ones with you.

The day of the cruise began at a friend’s house (lovely, gracious people!). There were eight of us going on the cruise: My parents, my aunt, my niece, my cousin, her husband, their daughter, and myself.  We stuffed ourselves into my parents’ Ford Explorer (and trust me, stuffed is an understatement.  Huge thanks to my cousin-in-law for curling up like a pretzel and riding in the back) and traveled 2 1/2 hours to Port Canaveral.

After boarding, going through the emergency information drill, and eating a snack, we got ready for our first night at dinner.

This was the central area of the ship…

This was the view out of our staterooms…

Here lately, it seems that the only occasion I have had to dress up for has been funerals, so dressing for dinner was quite fun.

Dinner was wonderful! The chef bent over backward to make sure that my meals were cooked according to my dietary needs.  I was quite spoiled.

I had Lamb Shank with roasted veggies the first night. It was fabulous!

Our wait-staff was extraordinary.

And very entertaining. Now that I’m home, who is going to pull my chair out for me, place my napkin on my lap, and bring me anything I could possibly desire?

Oh yeah… me. 😛

As we were all pretty tired from the day, we went back to our rooms right after dinner.

Tomorrow you will be able to see more interesting pictures.  We went to Nassau, Bahamas on our second day.


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