The Cruise: Day 2

One of my favorite activities of the cruise was to walk around on one of the top decks and just look out at the ocean.

The second day of the cruise we headed to Nassau. On our way, we passed the Berry Islands.

Docking into Nassau was beautiful!

I will warn you, if you ever go to Nassau you will be barraged by numerous people trying to get you to take their taxi, their tour, let them braid your hair, or putting “free” shell necklaces around your neck and then demanding a tip or a donation. (No mama…. you cannot have it, you must give tip or donation to school! 😀 )

We only spent a couple of hours at Nassau, but while we were there we shopped at various places including the Straw Market.

We also tried to tour an old church, but since there was rehearsal for a concert going on, we decided to be polite and leave.

Although we could have stayed on the island until midnight, after we had enough shopping, we headed back to the ship for a nap.

I napped a little longer than I had planned. I couldn’t believe it when my mom knocked on my door to let me know it was after 6:00 p.m.

The second night was the “formal” night on the cruise.  So we all dressed in our finest and went down to dinner.

That evening, most of our entertainment came in the form of a precious, little 2-year-old.

The cruise was a birthday gift for me, and a graduation/birthday gift for my niece.  The wait-staff made sure our celebration was complete.

When we got back to our rooms, this was waiting for me as a birthday gift from the cruise ship…

That evening, half of our group went to the mid-night buffet, while the other half chose to go to bed. (Bet you can guess which group I was in!) I don’t think they stayed very long at the buffet as it was more a drunken party than anything else.

Tomorrow, you will see pictures of my favorite day of the cruise. (Probably because I didn’t spend it sleeping away!) We went to the island of Coco Cay.


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