Keeping busy & a prayer request

I just found out last night that a highschool classmate has been missing since Wednesday. They found her car abandoned.  She has 3 children… my heart is sick.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers.  Her name is Jacque Rawson-Waller.

I have been keeping busy…. very busy!

Right now we are in the midst of preparing for VBS, which starts on Monday.

We have been making decorations…

Well, some of us have been preparing decorations… others have just been sitting around and taking pictures. 😀

Getting craft items ready…

And this year, as our theme is a beach bash, we are bringing in our own beach!

I’ve also been busy with the garden.  I finished planting the main garden yesterday.

Yes, those are plastic bottles planted beside my tomato plants.  I’m experimenting with my own cheap inexpensive drip irrigation system.  I punched a bunch of holes in the soda bottles and am filling them with water and liquid fertilizer. I think I may need to go back and make the holes a little larger.  I’ll let you know if it works. I put in 14 tomato plants, and am thrilled because last night we had horrible winds and this morning I checked – only two of my plants look worse for wear.

I also planted peppers in various locations.

This was actually where Shan’s strawberries were supposed to go. Something happened to them and it’s too late to get more.  Sorry sweetie…. 😦

Tim and Joel also purchased some hot pepper plants…

Joel has a Habanero, and Tim picked out two kinds – I forget what they are.

Earlier this week, a very sweet person from our congregation came and tilled an additional garden plot for me.

Before he came, I notice a little critter digging very close to where I was working.  He was a cutie, but very destructive.  He also wouldn’t let me get his picture.

I have gophers. 😦

While Mr. Sweet Tiller Man was tilling, he called to me.  He was holding a gopher in the air by his tail.  He immediately disposed of said destructive creature, and I breathed a sigh of relief….

Only to see the same gopher I had seen earlier in the day stick his head up out of the same hole he had been hollowing out.  Argh!

But never fear, my cats have been staking out the hole,

and I am almost confident that they will take care of the problem – I hope.

I am wanting to buy some straw to lay down as mulch – and help control the weed population.

And, as we don’t have a weed-eater, right now I am paying my kids 50 cents per Wal-Mart bag to pull the weeds around the perimeter of the fences.  Hopefully we will get a weed-eater soon, or I’m going to go broke! 😀

Today, with the exception of possibly enlarging the holes to my irrigation system, I am leaving the garden alone and will concentrate on getting the craft supplies ready for VBS next week.


5 thoughts on “Keeping busy & a prayer request

  1. You are a very busy woman. I hope you have a tremendous VBS.It sounds exciting. We are doing Polar Express(if we can get anyone to help us).

    1. Her husband is a “person of interest” they can’t call him a suspect yet because they don’t have enough evidence against him. She still has not been found. They have diving crews searching local ponds and lakes.
      At one point, her husband’s truck and boat came up missing. They now have her vehicle, his truck and boat in custody and are searching them.

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