Excitement in Trenton

Last Thursday, we had some excitement in our town.

Remember the house in this picture?

Well, it was torn down.

Several people came and ate their lunch while watching.  My two included.

It was kind of interesting watching it come down.

And watching parts of grain bins drive by…

This lot will be turning into a parking lot for the Catholic Church.


In other exciting Trenton news….

I came home from Women of Faith to find this cute little kitty

worming her way into our life.  I’m thinking she already has a home.  Tim agrees, but as you can see he has no problem with her sticking around. 🙂 , or feeding her milk.

She is a cutie, but do we really need 3 cats???


7 thoughts on “Excitement in Trenton

    1. LOL! Part of me agrees, but the part that will have to fork out the money to pay for getting her spayed, shots, and keeping her updated (registered with our village) and healthy disagrees.
      However, she really is cute – and a well behaved cat (so far).

    1. Unfortunately, I think it’s too late. We are pretty sure she was dumped. We have purchased her a collar and some kitty food. Right now she is curled up on my chest while I’m doing school work.

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