Okay, so we came up with the name of Snickers last night… a shortened version of Snickerdoodle.  Don’t know if it will stick but we will see.

Considering the amount of times that I have had to throw Snickers off the table, scoot her off my laptop keyboard while I am trying to do my online classes, stop her from chewing the computer cord, and keep her from clawing the furniture, I would say she is doing much better.  No longer do I need to bring her food and water, or escort her down to the basement where the litter box resides.  Her ornery kittenness is out in full-force.

She is, however, trying out new places to sleep.

This one, I can live with.

Having a kitten reminds me of the need for consistency in discipline, not only in the lives our animals (I do NOT allow our animals to do whatever they want), and with our children, but with ourselves as well. What we allow ourselves to get by with becomes a habit that is very hard to break.

Well, got to go, the ornery thing is in the trash.  Sigh…..


6 thoughts on “Snickers

  1. I understand the orneriness, the first inside dog I ever had was one of my outside dogs that fell off his dog house and cut his leg on the roof yes I know that sound all together weird and funny anyhow…. We found out we had to keep all of our shoes in a huge box to keep them out of his reach I think that winter we had to buy my dad 2 pairs of slippers .. They were Butter’s favorite chew toy. It got old real fast. Have fun with the new kitty. My grandparents got a new kitten( Penny short for Penelope LOL ) and she is a crazy little thing.

    1. Unfortunately, one of the cats isn’t accepting her too well. Started hissing at her, and then turned to hiss at me. I didn’t put up with it. I’m the alpha whatever, and I won’t put up with being hissed at. I figure they all will figure out their relationships soon enough.

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