Prayer Requests

Sometimes we leave prayer requests personal and to ourselves and fail to realize the power we have when we pray together about a situation.

Two weeks ago, I asked for my friends on Facebook to pray for me, not giving specifics (I have many non-praying friends on fb that didn’t need the specifics)  God answered that prayer, even though my praying friends had no idea of the need.  And I praise God for seeing me through.

I thought I would bring some prayer requests to you, my closer friends and family and a bit more specific in sharing the needs.  So I am asking for you all to pray with me on these needs, then I can share in what wonderful ways God has answered.

PRAYER REQUEST #1   We need a car.  Many of you know that we have Tim’s truck (which we are keeping) and my van.  My van has had numerous transmission issues.  We discussed whether or not to put yet another tranny in and hope for the best, but decided the more wise route would be to trade the van in on a car – one that gets very good gas mileage.  My dream vehicle would be a Jeep Wrangler, but I’m not holding my breath…. maybe when the kids move out I’ll get one. 😀   But seriously, the only requirements I have for a vehicle is that it is dependable, can get me to Ohio or Missouri if the need is ever there, and has a manual transmission.   I have found such a car.

It is a 2002 Honda Civic hatchback Si.  The one I am looking at is black. It is in good condition and meets my requirements. The only problem is the finances.  I’m not sure that they will want to take the little I have to offer after the trade-in of my van. It would take a miracle for them to agree, or a miraculous appearance of more money, as I cannot afford to have a car payment.  So Please pray that we will find the car we need with the funds that we have, or that God will send more funds our way.

*btw, it’s really hard to type when I have a kitten wrapped around my neck and snoring into my ear. 😛 *

PRAYER REQUEST #2  I need some prayer for wisdom as to where to go to get my Master’s Degree, and which degree program to go with. I had been planning on continuing at MACU, but have recently looked into Liberty University.  Liberty has many more Master’s Degree programs in my field of interest, and by the time I get a 15% discount for signing up during Women of Faith, the tuition will be almost $200 less per credit hour than at MACU. I have also been put in a drawing for a full-scholarship at Liberty…. I’m not holding my breath, but that would be a huge answer to prayer!

The Master’s programs that I am looking into are: Master of Arts in Professional Counseling (there is a 60 hr track and a 48 hour track), Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy (60 hours)  Both of these require 3 on-campus intensives.  Through their seminary, I could go for a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling (36 hours) or a Master of Arts in Marketplace Chaplaincy (36 hours).  If I took these, I could finish more quickly and wouldn’t have to go to campus for the intensives, however I would have to take more classes later if I wished to become a LPC or LMFT.  I am trying to figure out what it is that God really wants me to do in life.  You would think at almost 40 years old, I would have this figured out.  🙂  But I am unsure which program to go with, or if I should even go with Liberty.

I have checked out several other seminaries and Christian Universities, but many of them require more time on campus for the degree areas that I wish to pursue.  If we didn’t live so far out from them, it wouldn’t be a problem.  But places like Anderson Theological Seminary require 10 hours of on-campus time for each class.

So, If you could pray with me on the direction to go with my Master’s, I would appreciate it.


Well, I need to unwrap Snickers from around my neck and let the other zoo occupants in for breakfast.  😀


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