First Step Completed.

I’m excited…

As of August 1st, I was officially commissioned as a Pastor in the Church of God.

I will hopefully be licensed by April, and then will be eligible for ordination a year following.

In other news…

Yesterday was our first day of school.  I was going to take pictures of the kids, but the battery was dead in the camera, and I didn’t think about using my cell phone.  So here is a picture of the kids (and one of the youth) from last week at 5th Quarter – our church’s after-sports program.

The kids are also playing sports for the local public school.  Right now it’s just Shannon – she’s playing volleyball. Her first game is tomorrow.  I will definitely be getting batteries!

This is my last week of my first two college classes.  Three more classes to go and Tim and I both graduate (finally!).


7 thoughts on “First Step Completed.

      1. Actually, we are meeting in Oklahoma City, which is where the college is located. I wish I could come there! I’m so homesick right now for family 😦

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