Yes, I do let my children play in the road…

And sometimes I join them.

We have played football and chased each other in the road, but our main sport with which we have stopped traffic (not that there is much on our road) is snake watching.

I have seen more snakes since we have moved here than I have probably seen my entire life.  Fortunately my terrorizing fear of them has downgraded into a healthy respect.  And even more fortunately, the only snakes I have seen with rattles so far are dead ones. (If I see a live one, I may upgrade to the terrorizing fear again)

Last week my daughter came running in the house carrying Tickles, our cat,(who was a bit put-out) asking me to keep him in because he was determined to play with the bull snake in the road. Curious, my son grabbed my phone and went out to take pictures.  My daughter went off to volleyball practice. I held Tickles in until I realized it wasn’t a bull snake (not sure if a bull snake would have hurt the cat) but a garter snake.

I let Tickles out….  Let the games begin!

To say that the snake was unhappy with the games that Tickles, Joel, and Tim were playing with him would be a bit of an understatement.  I had never heard a garter snake hiss before, but then in the past I had never gotten so close either.

Joel mentioned that we have an extra aquarium in the basement… he had even named the snake, Crankie Frankie.


You may play with snakes in the road, but you may NOT bring them in the house! (I’m sure we’ve had the ‘no snakes in the house’ discussion before 😛 )

After 30 minutes of playing in the road and taking pictures, the boys (all three) came in the house, and the snake slithered off to a safer haven, unharmed.




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