Wow! Yesterday was busy.

It’s amazing how busy life can become.  With homeschooling, college, church, household chores, doctor’s appointments, vet appointments, guitar lessons, and school sports, it seems as though I barely have a moment to breathe.  There are days that I want to get off the merry-go-round and just take a break.

Yesterday I started at the church almost before sunrise.  I needed to set up a video for the funeral Tim was doing that morning. By 7:30, we were headed to McCook to take Max to the vet for surgery. She had a rapidly growing tumor on her back side that had to be removed. We went to Wal-Mart, made an eye appointment, and found something to call breakfast. We drove around looking at various car lots, then I dropped the kids off at their guitar lessons, and went to my chiropractor appointment. For once, I was early to the appointment.  😀  I also finished early.

Since I had a little bit of time before I needed to get the kids from their lessons, I decided to go to a few more car lots to look for a car.

I have just a few requirements for a car:

1.  It has to  be a manual transmission

2. It has to get very good gas mileage

3. It has to have enough room for all of us to drive comfortably

4. It has to be dependable enough to travel out-of-state (and no, I’m not talking about the 14 miles it takes to get into Kansas).

5. It has to be within a certain budget.

It amazes me how few manual transmissions there are around here.  There are a bunch in Colorado, but here….. nope.

I went to the Ford dealership and told them I was looking for a standard transmission…. the guy laughed at me and said, “Good Luck”

I went to another dealership, and the salesman  told me that no one around here carried them because they are the ‘kiss of death’ for sales.  Really?!?!?

I had another salesman ask me why I wanted a manual transmission.  He said he could understand if I were a guy, but can’t understand why I want one since I am a girl.  Humph!  At least he didn’t say that I was an old lady.

I finally went to a small lot and look at what I found…

Guess what?  It has a manual transmission.

And a sun roof!  🙂

There is some damage to the plastic part of the rear bumper…

and some other minor issues that the owner of the car lots said he will take care of.  If he does, we may be purchasing this car.

We are still praying about it.

But it does look nice in our driveway, doesn’t it?   😉


Back to our busyness….

I picked the kids up from their lessons, we had lunch in town, and then went home – in the car we are trying out –  all by noon.

When we arrived home, the funeral dinner was just ending.  I ran over, said hi to Tim, took Shannon to the school for her volleyball game, picked up Tim and Joel, went to the game, immediately left after the game to pick up Max from the vet and drop off the car.  We were home by 6:00 p.m.  I was ready to call it a night, but I still had supper to cook and school work to do.

I’m not sure if what I posted in my online class made much sense, as I was dozing while I was typing…. I’m sure I’ll find out soon. 😀

This morning I got up to start another day of the merry-go-round. On Wednesday mornings, we go to 7.7, which is a ministry of the Methodist church.  They feed junior high and high school kids breakfast, after having a time of prayer. But this morning, the pastor’s wife of the Methodist church gave me an opportunity to get off the ride for a few minutes.  It was an opportunity to have fun and be ornery.

All I’m admitting to is that it was neither illegal or immoral. 😀 … and I wish I would have taken pictures.









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