When I didn’t laugh

Last Tuesday, Shannon and I set off on a mother-daughter adventure. We went to Grand Island to meet up with a friend of mine and her daughter, Shannon’s best friend, to surprise her friend for her birthday.  They live in S. Dakota, so Grand Island was a half-way meeting point. The look on Shannon’s friend’s face was priceless when we came walking through the door of the store where we met.

To say that the girls had a great time would be an understatement.

They swam, played guitar, and shopped.  I don’t think the huge grins ever left their faces.

While the girls did their thing, her mom and I visited the hot tub, talked, and shopped. We had a great time as well.

My friend is also a fellow minister.  She is a very special woman with awesome God-given gifts.

She is also moving…. farther away.

I know it probably shouldn’t matter that they are moving, since they are already 8 hours away from us, but at least we could look forward to getting together at our annual Regional Minster’s Retreat. And we could meet half-way on occasion.

Wednesday, we had to say goodbye. My heart was hurting for myself, but mostly for Shannon and Joel. Shan’s friend has a younger brother who is also a good friend of Joel. Since they are all homeschooled, they had plans of spending time together at the upcoming retreat. They all have a rare, close friendship.

I know God has a plan, but I found I couldn’t laugh at saying goodbye.

After they left to go home, Shannon and I went to get new tires on the truck. The back tires were almost bald, and I really shouldn’t have traveled all that way on them. Wal-mart, unfortunately, doesn’t have the tires we need, so I went to a tire dealership.  I had budgeted just a certain amount (thinking I could find the tires at Wal-Mart),  but since Wal-Mart wasn’t an option, let’s just say… STICKER SHOCK!

Well, ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right?

So, Shan and I left the truck there to get new tires, and we hoofed it over to the mall. (Kind of convenient that the mall was close 😉 )

About a half hour later, I got a phone call:  “Mrs. Roberts, while taking off your tires, we noticed that the rotors need to be turned and the brake pads are about down to nothing. We want to know if you want us to fix that as well.”  Well, gee, that would explain the thump, thump, thump every time I put on the breaks. (where IS that eye rolling smilie???)

I asked the price to fix the breaks, cringed, and called dear hubby before I called Mr. Break Repairman back to give him the go ahead to fix the breaks.

We won’t discuss the final price, but needless to say I did shed a few tears. I think I also texted my mom and told her I didn’t want to be an adult anymore and asked if I could run-a-way to her house. 😀

I know God has a plan, but I wasn’t laughing. My ‘car fund’ had just decreased significantly. So, for now, it looks like I will not be getting another car.


While I wasn’t laughing about my Wednesday, I did realize something. I may not be able to always laugh, yet I will praise Him.

I praise God that he gave Shannon and I close friends with whom we can share our hearts, and I am thankful for the time we have been able to spend together and get to know each other.  And we will be seeing each other at NAC next year.

I praise God that we actually did have the funds available to replace the tires and breaks, even though the funds were not originally intended for that purpose. It could be that God knew something about the car that we were looking at that would not have been good for us in the long-run.

And I am so very thankful that Shannon and I were able to take time away from our busy schedules to spend some time together having fun and making great memories.



4 thoughts on “When I didn’t laugh

  1. I have often wanted to run back home and be a little girl again. It was so much easier when someone else had the worries. Little did we realize how it would be being all grown up.Making memories is good. I have so many of Mom and all of us together.”Precious Memories”. Love you so much

  2. This choked me up. I wish I could still fix things for you and make them better as mom’s often do but then that would take away our trust and dependence on God wouldn’t it. I know how hard it is to leave friends. When you have a rare friendship, such as you do, you will always be friends forever.

    Love you,

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