Decisions, decisions…. yep, I made one.

But only after much prayer and some good advice.

Proverbs 15:22 says,  “Plans fail for lack of counsel,
but with many advisers they succeed.”

(Here is the promised post)

Some of you know that I was planning on going on for a Master’s degree right after I finished with my Bachelor’s. Yet with the work load (I have chosen the most strenuous Master’s degree to earn, from what I’ve been told), going through the ordination process, homeschooling the kids, and church, I was unsure that I would be able to handle it at this point.

I asked Tim and another gentleman in our church to pray with me about whether or not I should continue on at this point. The gentleman gave me some wise advice. His advice was then confirmed in almost the exact same words from the admissions counselor at MACU and my mentor pastor. After receiving that confirmation and making a final decision, I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

My decision: I’m not going for it at this point. I will wait until after I am ordained and quite possibly until after the kids have graduated.

I had to set priorities of what was most important at this point, and my  hubby and children, my health, working through to ordination, and church responsibilities come first.

Oh, and don’t laugh too much at this one…. my garden. Since I have started school this fall, my garden has been put on the furthest back-burner possible. It looks horrible (well, now that everything has gone through a freeze, it looks even worse) and unkempt. And after all the hard work I have put into it! 😦  I have also missed out on the therapeutic value of working in the dirt.  Hmmmmm, maybe that’s why I’ve been so stressed out.


6 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…. yep, I made one.

  1. don’t forget about learning the bass…your garden no doubt looks better than mine. I think I will set it on fire,,,,(have weiner roast) some day soon. I think you are very wise in trimming back on of your “things you would like to do” list. looking foward to seeing you in Dec. drat….price of gas just went up…

  2. Wise decision sweetie. Your children will be graduating before you know it. I think you made the right choice. Love you all soooooo much. Aunt Cindy

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