My son is threatening to move into the church

Not because he doesn’t love us, but because the rest of us are sick.

Shan has had a cold for the last few days. I had her stay home from basketball practice on Friday, and she has felt bad all weekend.

Saturday afternoon, I went over to the church office to put the finishing touches on the message for Sunday and knew something wasn’t right.

By the time I got home, I felt awful.  A stomach virus had come to visit. 😦

I told Tim that he better have something prepared for Sunday just in case……..  he told me he would pray that I got better. 😀

What I didn’t know was the virus had come to visit him as well. Sunday morning he woke up in much worse shape than I.

So, yesterday morning Tim and Shan stayed home. Joel and I went to church, but I had someone on stand-by just in case I had to go running out the door.  Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

God bless the family that took my son to lunch!  When he got back, we must have all looked pretty bad because he threatened at least 3 times to move into the church.  He was also looking for all kinds of disinfecting products to put on us, himself, and everything he touched.  Poor guy. I hope he doesn’t get it.

I feel bad for Shan.  She and I were supposed to be starting in a Community Christmas Orchestra Sunday afternoon. She has been practicing Vivaldi on her violin all week.  I hope they will let us participate even though we didn’t make it to the first practice.

My tummy is feeling a little better this morning, but now I’ve noticed that I’m coming down with Shan’s cold.  😦  Think I’ll stay on my perch (the recliner) most of the day and just rest.  Tim and Shan are still asleep (good sign), so I hope they are getting the rest they need to get better.

Please keep us all in your prayers!


2 thoughts on “My son is threatening to move into the church

  1. Poor babies. You need grandma with her puffs and chicken soup. Hoping and praying for healing. Love you all sooooooo much. Joel is just too funny

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