Basketball begins….

This past Saturday, we traveled about 4 hours to Fort Collins, CO to go to the kids’ first home school basketball game of this season.

So, I thought I would take this traveling opportunity to show my precious nephew (whom I miss very much and would really like for he and his family to come visit. HINT, HINT!) some areas of Nebraska. You know, all that flat land that you believe Nebraska consists of. (To be fair, there are areas in Nebraska that are flat…. mostly around the Platte River Valley)

I think one of the issues that give the perception of Nebraska as a flat state is the lack of trees. That, and most people travel through Nebraska on I-80, which pretty much follows the Platte River and is very flat.  But if you go 5 – 10 miles in either direction of the interstate, you will see a different picture.

As you can see,  this isn’t flat…

I will admit, though, that is doesn’t quite compare to this…

Which was right outside of Fort Collins.

Unfortunately, I took the basketball pictures with my phone and they didn’t turn out well.  I had left the camera in the truck. 😦

And I didn’t get any pictures of Joel.  I had gone out in search of Whole Foods during the hour they weren’t playing.  However Joel’s game started before I got back, and I missed him making his free throw. 😦

The boys lost their first game and won their second.  The girls lost their only game, but they did a great job!

Just like last year, the girls are playing as the McCook Chiefs and the boys are playing as the Broken Bow Chargers. Even though we are about 3 hours apart, we have combined the two home school groups as there are not enough boys in either group to make one team.


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