Homeschool Heaven

On Monday, we went to one of my most favorite stores: Mardel’s.

This is the same company that owns Hobby Lobby.  It is a Christian Book Store in Oklahoma City.

It also carries a HUGE selection of homeschool supplies and curriculum.

The education section alone is twice the size of our whole Christian bookstore here in Nebraska. Oklahoma is one of the easiest states in which to homeschool, so there is a big market for homeschool supplies.

I’m pretty sure I left drool marks all over that section of the store. And I’m also pretty sure that my eyes spent about $1000. While I was looking and talking with one of the employees (who also homeschools), I was bemoaning the fact that Mardel’s is so far away from where we live. The employee gave me some good news.  Mardel’s is going online with their store. Yippeee!  And their shipping will only be $5 – no matter how much is ordered. Ahhhh, happiness.


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