December 16th

Remember this little picture?

Well, while we were gone, Snickers decided this should ring true for the bottom three feet of the tree.

She also decided to have fun with the wrapping paper, gifts under the tree, and the plastic shower curtain liner.

I was almost amazed at the fact that there are claw marks/tears all the way to the top of the shower curtain.

In the kitchen, I found paw prints on top of the stove (a huge no-no!).

It must have gotten quite interesting here, because since we have been back, Max has been barking at, corralling, and disciplining two of the cats. And Snickers is now intimidated by her.  Kind of funny, actually.

My daughter has put the tree back to rights, and I am now looking for a squirt gun to use on an ornery kitten. Let the retraining begin!


One thought on “December 16th

  1. We are missing our Tommy this year. Our first Christmas without him for 15 years. In spite of all the mischief, we still love them.

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