December 30th

I’m back in the saddle paint clothes again…

After a long health hiatus, graduation, and Christmas, I am finally getting back to the remodeling project.

Thursday morning I went over to the church – early, of course – and decided to paint the trim around the window.

There is a gentleman in our community who states that God has a special place in Hell for those who dare paint wood like this, but it had a few rough spots and needed to be done.  Hopefully, he will forgive me. 😀

It really does look much better. I was also able to sand about 1/5 of the floor, but ran out sand paper.  I had planned on going to the hardware store and getting more so I could finish sanding and get the floor painted Thursday, but several things came up and my plans were postponed. That’s okay. It will get done. And I think that I will get someone with experience to put up the moulding. 🙂

That afternoon, Joel played the trumpet at a military funeral and I had a meeting from 4:00 to almost 7:00.  When I finally got home, Joel informed me that his glasses had broken. This morning, we went into Wal-Mart to get him another pair of glasses. Fortunately, his broken ones were still under warranty.

These are the pair they are replacing his broken glasses with.  He won’t get them until next week, and they were able to give him a pair of loaner frames. He likes the style of these (so do I). He says they are very intellegent looking. 🙂


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