Yeah, I know….

I’ve taken my time posting this.

Last Friday, I didn’t have to work, so I went with Tim up to Kearney to visit a gentleman from our church who is in the hospital. For those of you who have been praying for him, he is doing better. It will be a long recovery, but it was good to get to be able to talk to him.

While we were in Kearney, we stopped at a store that makes Lowe’s and Home Depot jealous.

Not only does it have the items that the afore-mentioned stores carry, but they also carry pet supplies, food, cleaning supplies, furniture, etc…

They have it all (well not ALL, but you get the idea).

We went to look for an area rug for the counseling/prayer room. The room is 7′ X 15′

Here are three that I found that are possibilities:

This one is a special order called ‘Katelyn’.  The size I am looking at is 3’10” X 5′ 5″.  The colors do not show very well in the pictures, but it matches the blue and brown in the room.

This is generic area rug that is 4’X 6′. It is beige with blue and gray speckles. The beige would pop against the dark floor, and the blue speckles would pick up the blue in the walls.

And the third rug is called Callaway.  It is 5′ X 7’6″.  The blue and brown in this rug also matches the room.

So, I want your opinion. (I’ve also wanted to try out the polling feature on this blog, so humor me. 😀 )

Which rug would you choose?

Tim mercilessly forced me decided we needed to leave before I had gotten to enjoy the whole store 😦 . He wanted to go to Cabelas. Well, after a little bit of trying to remember how to get there, we decided it must be located in North Platte instead of Kearney.

Guess what…. Nope, it’s in Kearney.  I just discovered this fact. We still can’t remember how we got there the last time. 😀


4 thoughts on “Friday

  1. And just think all that time you spent looking for Cabelas you could have been spending more at Menards. LOL . . .There are a few of those around here but I’ve never been to one. I’ll have to now 😉

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