And the answer is…


The first prediction was for blizzard conditions and receiving 12-18 inches of snow.  The last prediction my daughter read before she went to bed last night was 3-5 inches.

I don’t even think we received three inches.

Kind of disappointing. First because we need all the moisture we can get, and second because I’m really a kid at heart and love a huge snow storm.

The kids had a homeschool basket ball game scheduled for today, but it was called off due to weather. Not ours, mind you. The town where we were going to play is 3 hours away and is receiving all of the snow we were promised.

So, today we are just going to spend a lazy day at home. I would have done so regardless, since the crud that has been going around town has decided to take up residence in me. So today, I’m taking up residence in my favorite recliner.  Well, not the whole day. Shan and I need to practice for an upcoming Wii Bowling competition.  This could be quite entertaining. 🙂


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