Babies, Gun Cabinets, and other random (but exciting!) happenings

Okay, so we aren’t really back to ‘normal’, but then maybe this is our normal.

Monday and Tuesday were fine.

Wednesday was fairly normal for the kids, but I needed to go into town to visit someone in the hospital who just had a baby.  Oh, was this little baby precious!  He’s the third newborn I’ve held this week. I love the sweetness of little babies!

Anyway, after I left there I went to a store to buy a gun cabinet (I’ll explain why in a minute), then I went car shopping.  Yes, we are trying that again. 😀

I found one I like, but we are still haggling  negotiating over the price. I have found that haggling  negotiating is one of my favorite activities when looking for a car. It’s fun!

After I left the car dealership, I went to Wally World to pick up some items and realized I forgot my list (this is the third time in a row that I have left the list on the refrigerator. You’d think I’d learn 😦 ). Fortunately, I only missed one item, and it wasn’t a necessity.

Today is going to be quite busy!  Besides school and cleaning the UMC, we all have to get packed for this weekend. My kids are spending tomorrow and Saturday night with another homeschool family so they can go to their basketball game in Hastings. They will be gone until Sunday afternoon.  Tomorrow, Tim and I have a funeral and then we will be heading out to N. Platte for foster/adopt classes. We will be spending the night there.  We have another set of classes next Friday and Saturday.

Monday and Tuesday of next week, we have our State Minister’s Meeting – for which we will be out of town as well.

So, why the gun cabinet? I mentioned the foster/adopt classes.  Tim and I have decided to adopt a child through the Foster/Adopt program.  In order to adopt, we need to become licensed foster parents. In order to become foster parents, we have to lock up our BB guns and throwing knives. 🙂

We probably won’t be able to adopt a baby (although after holding so many this week, I’m thinking it would be nice), but we have decided that we will not be adopting a child over the age of 10. Please pray for us as we go through this process, and for our future child that God will prepare both of our hearts for this life changing experience.

Well, I must get ready for the day.

Daddy, I hope you’re on the mend!

Love you all!



4 thoughts on “Babies, Gun Cabinets, and other random (but exciting!) happenings

  1. When we were in the foster care program we had to get a locking gun safe and another one for the ammo. A gun cabinet wasn’t enough. I am doing OK . It doesn’t hurt as much as the first surgery did but they didn’t take any bone out this time.I have to be in this cast thingie for 6 weeks

  2. When we were fostering in class we learned that children for the first few months are good as gold. Once they get used to you and your ways if you tell them them no and they get upset with you many times they will make false accusations and report that you beat them or raped them. Daddy and I decided then and there that we would not take a child over the age of five. We knew in the ministry a pastors repution could be ruined by those accusations (not that we would beat them or anything) we felt we couldn’t take that chance. We know a child can still have serious problems at the younger age as well, but it would be less likely than the older children. Just remember God has the right child for you just waiting for you to finish your training:)

    You will learn a lot of interesting and some very sad information. Some stories break your heart.

    Love you,

    1. Actually, children aren’t usually as good as gold for the first few months. They are dealing with fear, confusion, and anger and will usually act out right away. It also depends on their individual issues.
      There can also be major issues with newborns. They may be born with Fetal Alcohol problems, they may test positive for crack or cocaine, and most will have the intermal feeling of rejection, even though you take them right from the hospital.

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