A New Purpose

For the office/storage room, that is.

Up until today, the bedroom next to ours upstairs has been an office/storage room.  Today that all changed.

The room has a new purpose.

We are getting the room ready in anticipation of God putting another child in our family.  This Thursday, we are having our home study. Our case worker said she is bringing along the licensing paper work, so hopefully after this week we will be able to inquire about children available for adoption and start the process. Due to confidentiality, I will not be able to post pictures or discuss the child(ren) until he/she/they are legally ours.

So, today I was busy clearing out the file cabinets, desk, bookshelves, and other various and sundry items; setting up a pack n play and my childhood bed – preparing for dream that is coming closer to being realized.

And tomorrow?

Well, tomorrow I hope to get the file cabinet out of the bathroom (don’t ask) and into its new home…. our bedroom.


7 thoughts on “A New Purpose

  1. The room looks nice……the bed looks like one I have seen before….are the teeth marks still on the foot board the your sister put there…cutting her teeth I think……that means that the bed is an antique…

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